Golden Pearl Skin Polishing Sachet Kit


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Golden Pearl Skin Polishing Sachet Kit


How to use

CleansingApply 4-5ml of Golden Pearl Whitening Facial Cleanser on face and neck and start cleansing by massaging it for 4-5 minutes. After that remove it with wet sponge.Golden Pearl Skin Polish MixtureTo make Golden Pearl skin polish mixture, mix the following Golden Pearl cosmetics products in a plastic bowl by below mentioned ratio. 
Golden Pearl Bleaching Powder 1 part
Golden Pearl Cream Developer 20 ml 1 part
Golden Pearl Soothing Lotion 1 part
Golden Pearl Skin Shiner ½ part

Once the paste is ready according to the above mentioned ratio, apply this paste to the desired area and leave it for 7-8 minutes. Golden pearl Skin Polish mixture will give you the required results within 7-8 minutes. Please note to clean the mixture within 2-3 minutes on the sensitive areas like cheeks, nostrils & lower part of the lip. This mixture will give you the desired results. After that clean the mixture with wet sponge. 
Golden Pearl Whitening Moisturizing Mud MaskAfter removing the Skin Polishing paste put a thin layer of Golden Pearl Whitening Moisturizing Mud Mask for 15-20 minutes. As the mask is moisturizing mud mask, it restores the natural moisture of the skin and finishes the itching caused by Skin Polishing.

Barcode : 10361100

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